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    I just received two private messages from two different moderators about a post that I reported as SPAM; writing that I am reporting valid posts with valid URLs in the signature block.

    First, I just want to say, that I look at the post and URL that is in the signature line. The post I reported today was from a poster that just wrote a one post response to an older thread and it had a SPAM link.

    BTW, I am Signal and know what SPAM is. Also, I moderate another Army website and deal with the same issues.

    The purpose of reporting is a notification process. If you double-check the report and find it to be valid then fine but realize that another moderator might have already addressed the notification and then when you check the thread, you see it as OK. Remember the reporting post notification hits all mods and admins.

    Just an FYI.

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    Re: Reporting posts

    BTW, I tried searching for that post and it is deleted. Some moderator had to delete that post.


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      Re: Reporting posts

      Here's how I see it. And of course the mods are in discussion about it.

      When we perform a Delete as Spam function (includes option to perma banuser), it doesn't leave a trail/doesn't soft delete. So if I perform that function and another mod shows up in the thread 5 minutes later, the link still takes them to the end of the thread. One could either assume it was already deleted or they might assume the thread itself was reported since the link to the post still works.

      Typically when we Soft Delete, it and the reason for deletion are visible to mods.

      Hope that clears some things up. (If not, let us know. I am admittedly half awake at the moment.)


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        Re: Reporting posts

        When reporting a spammer, make sure the post is reported, not the thread.