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    Re: ROTC Closures

    If you are prior service, I think you will be fine. It's the one who come out of there at 19 yrs of age as 2LTs that have issues.
    Prior service isn't going to teach you how to be a PL/XO of a unit, serve on a BN staff ect.

    IMHO, the real negative of these programs is the officers spend 2-3 years of unrated time before moving on to their units, probably without a lot of experience. Especially for those officers who were selected for Active Duty. By the time they're done with BOLC, they're pinning on CPT.

    Back to the article, I read a previous article where a program was closed and it only 10-20 candidates total in their program. Not really cost efficient to keep it going.


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      Re: ROTC Closures

      Officer's from ECPs can't go Active Duty. It's one of the program's restrictions.

      And to say ROTC/OCS taught someone how to be a PL/XO or serve on BN staff is laughable at best. Those program's are not designed to teach a cadet/candidate how to be a PL/XO or S-X. They are designed to teach/develop them core leadership skills, army structure, the decision making process and introduce them to aspects of officer-ship. BOLC is where they learn their branch info and how to do the job they will be doing*.

      The good thing about Prior Service is that they at least know the basics of the Army, structure and hopefully they have enough time in that they've been in a leadership position and the concepts won't be too foreign. Take a 19 yr old who's don't nothing but high school and 2 years of advanced camp and you've set them up to fail.

      *results may vary based on branch and unit assignment


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        Re: ROTC Closures

        I went to OBC with several who went active duty and it's apparently changed over the years. Even if they can't go active duty, 2-3 years of unrated time is not a good thing.

        Prior service doesn't help. I can honestly say this after 20 years, some of the worst officers I met were prior service. They just struggle overcoming being a SPC or NCO.