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Return to Mogadishu

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  • Return to Mogadishu

    20th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu

    The actor that plays Streucker (the driver in this scene) in the movie resembles the real-life one.

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    Re: Return to Mogadishu

    As a Marine, I was slated to go to Somolia, and was even in a seat on the plane. Before the doors were closed, some gruff Sergeant Major came on board and got on the PA system. "Who is on my plane and is NOT an 0311?!" In my area of the plane, about 4 of us raised our hands.

    "What do you do, son?"
    "I'm a Fueler, Sergeant Major"
    "Get off my plane! What do you do, son?"
    "I'm Supply, Sergeant Major"
    "Get off my plane! What do you do, Sergeant?"
    "I'm a CID agent, Sergeant Major"
    Long pause........"Get off my plane!" Then under his breath "F%$&ing cops"

    That's as close as I got to going. Took about 2 hours to sort out our bags under the plane - wish he had said something when we were building the manifest!


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      Re: Return to Mogadishu

      Awesome story Wobbly. I was out of the Corps but working at the United Nations at the time. Clinton came to the UN when this stuff was going down and I was struggling to see him through the crowd.

      I had a buddy on the UN Police and he was trying to get me hired so I could go down there with the UN Police. It did not happen. 4 years later, I was heading to the US Border Patrol Academy. Now been in the Green suit for 16 years again and almost 10 of it has been active. I am getting too old for this stuff lol.


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        Met the real Streucker when I was at the Chaplain School at Ft Jackson. He was going through CCCC at the same timemy class was at CHOBC. Really nice guy.