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Adjusting to civilian life after 9MO IET...

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  • Adjusting to civilian life after 9MO IET...

    I thought being back would be great, but things like going to Wal-Mart and seeing the people there makes me sick, I'd rather be with friends from AIT than the ones here, stuff like that. Wondering why I'm part time.

    Any ideas on adjusting?

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    I would just give it time. I been deployed three times and been serving on active duty for a very long time and to me it is a non-issue. I was at the movies and wal-mart yesterday and was not bothered by "those people" or civilian puke as you might call them. They are people like us.

    Guardsman and Reservists have been to war and back and have adjusted with time. You have just been in a controlled environment like a prisoner and your perception will naturally change since you have had positive structure and disciplined enforced into your daily routine but you are no better than anyone.

    You will make friends at your home station unit that you will bond with and perhaps, join your local American Legion chapter to deal with like-minded military folk.


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      Looks like my post got taken the wrong way; never mind this due to miscommunication. I surely don't believe I'm better than the people that indirectly pay my wages. Thank you for the constructive comments.


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        I know exactly what you're talking OP. The Chief is right though, in time, things get back to normal. Just make sure you take the best parts of self improvement and development that you learned while in IET (PT, resilience, 7 values) and continue to use them while back home.