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    550CORD is a valuable learning tool for those who are thinking about joining the National Guard or about to ship off to BCT or interested in applying for OCS or enlisting with an 09S option. Knowing land navigation before you hit BCT is very beneficial and will give you a leg up. Knowing all the extra details 550cord teaches you that you won't need for BCT will be CRUCIAL for OCS. Sure you have to pay $700 for the full online version. BUT you can learn all you need to know from the demo version--Just ignore the flashing red DEMO function.

    Also, for those of you that aren't familiar with APFT standards, it would behoove you to to familiarize yourselves with the Army fitness calculator and some of its other features.

    We went through the full version my phase 0 weekend at OCS and I can tell you there is virtually no difference between the full version and the demo version other than the window size. If I had my choice between having to spend $700 and FREE I'd choose the latter every time. also covers other topics that would be very beneficial to other MOS specific training. Here are some of the topics this website covers:

    Land Nav Training

    Smart Card Creator

    Tape Test Standards (2010)

    CBRN Training

    Squad STX Training DVD

    APFT Standards

    Land Nav Calculator

    Army Fitness Calculator

    PT Circuit Displays

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    This website is 100% backed. I used this for nearly every class I taught as a Senior in the ROTC program. Great stuff here for Candidates and MS1-3 Cadets.