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    Re: A Big Thanks To Everyone On The Forum

    Originally posted by Polo08816 View Post
    Then I would have to say that NJ does thing a bit differently (and probably incorrectly). There were a handful of non prior service 09S at the RTI for well in excess of 24 months that were never discharged. They eventually commissioned or went to AIT. Jwarren can attest to this. He knows the individuals I'm talking about.
    Yeah...not the first time I've seen that happen. The whole 24 month thing isn't a NG Reg, its a federal statute, but that doesn't mean all states always enforce it like they are supposed to.


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      Re: A Big Thanks To Everyone On The Forum

      Originally posted by HR NCO View Post
      Stuff for OCS is one thing, she left OCS and so was essentially considered in the pipeline again, thus why she would have to be discharged at reaching 24 months regardless of medical situation.

      I'm actually surprised they aren't just discharging her for that reason instead of saying its a medical discharge.
      I was told that if they wait it out to give me the 24 month discharge, they have to process it as an Uncharacterized ELS and since they 'know' I won't be fit to ship by February, nor can they find me a seat anywhere, they are processing it as a medical discharge now, so it will be 'honorable'. (Depending on what narrative they use, see previous threads...LOL)

      Also, I was told yesterday that I was never 'officially' taken out OCS..
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