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Direct transfer to active duty during demobilization

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  • Direct transfer to active duty during demobilization

    Hey I'm currently deployed looking to go active duty. I have heard about when I get back to my DMOB station to talk to the retention NCO about trying for a direct transfer to active duty. It would be a unit to unit transfer since I'm already activated? That's what I have been told I'm looking for some general information about this process

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    Its not that easy of a process if it can even be done. To date I don't know anyone that has actually done it. Now extending your tour in theater is possible but with the draw down it might be pretty difficult and unlikely. You may be on title 10 orders for deployment right now but the NG still owns you and they have to release you to go active duty. With the entire military downsizing its a slim to none chance that the active component will take you.


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      I absolutely concur with Explosive Hazard, even though you're title10 you'll still have to get a conditional release from the National Guard in order to join the active component. Two things have to happen, your command must be willing to release you from the National Guard and the Active Army must be willing to accept you. You'll need to engage members from both sides to see if this is currently an option for you.