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How to survive the troop reductions

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  • How to survive the troop reductions

    Hey I was trying to get input on this besides the obvious don't F up and fail pt. How severe are draw downs affecting the NG units im gonna joining an over strength infantry unit in NH. Im taking an educated guess and thinking that over strength units / mos,s are gonna hit bad if/when my state is hit. Also with troop cuts theoretically could you be just for being on someones **** list. Any input is appreciated I think this issue pretty much affects everyone in right now

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    Since you are NG, you are basically better position then Soldiers who serve on active duty. Actually, Soldiers who are involuntary separated due to passed over promotions or not eligible to re-enlist, usually have the option to continue service in the Guard or Reserves. I do not know what rank are you but for the junior enlisted, this comes down to being able to re-enlist. Commanders do not have the luxury like they did before and now they are being told by retention, they are allowed to only re-enlist five E-4s. With officers, two strikes and you are out. I head to the Pacific in a couple of weeks and I do not know how the following year will be for me. I may be returning home earlier than expected. The only thing I can do is continue to work hard and do the best that I can and hope that my evaluation will reflect that.


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      Hey I definitely appreciate the input you usually respond to all my inquiries without judgement which is greatly appreciated. I guess the thought in the back of my head on this would be could a commander cut someone for racial or religious reasons. Obviously not specifically for that but just needing to cut someone or is their standards that are used in this process that have to be followed I know there is no way to sugar coat this question so I hope it didn't come across as rash or harsh


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        A Commander would not prohibit a qualified Soldier from re-enlisting based on racial or religious reasons since that will be blatant discrimination. Issues such as a Soldier being flagged for failure of PT or weight control issues or missing drills without authorization. That is what I was referring to.


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          For National Guard officers, the more branches you are qualified in (by attending the Captain's Career Courses), the better off you are.