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    So I am currently a 19 year old male with interest in enlisting in the regular army or the national guard. I plan on completing an associates degree in applied technical science with a concentration in welding first. I just have some general questions. 1) I would like to go active duty so is it possible to serve maybe the first four years or so in the regular army and the rest in the guard. 2) I would also like to become a combat medic and help out with wounded troops on the frontline and once I would get out of the military having experience in the medical field opens many doors. The question is can I use both my college degree in welding and if I go through AIT and become a combat medic or will I be limited to my MOS. Thanks to anyone who responds with positive and helpful information

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    I apologize if the post is all one big block of words, it is my first blog post ever


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      You could do all of that but not all in one contract. You would have to re enlist in the national guard for at least two years. They have a one year contract for former active dust members. I'm like 90% about this. You may want to ask your recruiter or a recruiter for more accurate information.


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        The program Charmcity is refering to is the "Try One" in the Guard

        Basically you could spend the IRR time of your contract drilling with the guard. Example: With a 4x4 contract. You'd spend 4 years in the Regular Army then 4 years in the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve). With the "Try One" you could go into a drilling status with the guard instead of going into the IRR.

        Soldiers enlisted under ―Try One in the Guard with a remaining service obligation, and Soldiers who enlist in the 3x5, 4x4, or 6x2 enlistment option, and desire to continue service in an active drill status at the end of their contractual obligation with the ARNG/ARNGUS, must execute DA Form 4836 to establish a new contractual obligation and an ETS date.