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national guard transfer or reserve.

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  • national guard transfer or reserve.

    I am joining army active duty. But the thing is im wondering what to do. i heard if your in guard or reserves its almost impossible to transfer to active duty is this true? because if i can transfer id join guard and see if i like the army life if i do ill transfer if i hate it at least im in one weekend a month. so can ppl tell me from experience how hard it really is? is it easier to go reserve from active? thank u.

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    Yes its true. In this current military environment, downsizing and budget cuts. Its very difficult to qualify for active duty enlistment with any type of prior military service to include with the Army National Guard.

    Plus, you cannot simply transfer from one branch/component to another. The Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty components are all different. With very few exceptions (mostly for medical professionals), you'll need to get an approved discharge from the Guard and then separately process for enlistment for Active Duty service. However, you may request a conditional release from the National Guard. Basically, a conditional release says that the National Guard agrees to release you from the remainder of your commitment, if you are accepted for enlistment or appointment to another service component. To start the conditional release process, you must request a conditional release from your current unit and complete a DD Form 368 (Request for Conditional Release). Once the release has been approved by the National Guard, you may begin processing with another service.

    See the current business rules for active duty at the following link:


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      Ryan, at the current time because the Army is downsizing its numbers; it is very hard for a Guardsman or Reservists to transfer to active duty. I am active duty and transferred to it from the Guard back in 2003 and before that in 1997. Either way, you need approval from your Command to do so and like I wrote, today, those approvals are now hard to come by.


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        My regiment hasnt been allowing anyone to transfer from Guard to Active. I hate it because alot of these kids really need a good job and active duty can provide that. Ive seen many cases where the Army will allow the soldier to join, but their Guard unit will not let it happen. I see that as the Guard keeping a man from furthering his life and career, even helping his family survive and thats why it ticks me off.


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          Even if you get a release from your contract from the National Guard, that doesn't mean that the Active Component will take you.

          Once you have completed your contract with the National Guard, you are welcome to join any service or component that will have you.


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