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  • Intelligence in the guard

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this forum and was interested in joining the guard to gain experience for intelligence.
    I am about to start school for intelligence studies. Is joining the guard a good path to take in order to get an intelligence knowledge for the future?
    What are some steps that i should take in order to do so?

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    Every recruit entering the military takes the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), an aptitude test designed to find your strengths. Your scores will help determine the Guard career that best suits your skills and where you'll be most likely to succeed.

    Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) list:


    • avinny116
      avinny116 commented
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      Hi SF Hunter,
      Thank you for the response. I want to gain experience in intelligence in hopes to someday work for the FBI or CIA once i have served my time. If i do well on the ASVAB and get into the intelligence section. Would you say this would be the best path to work for the FBI or CIA along with a bacherlors degree?

    • realitycheck
      realitycheck commented
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      The first thing you need to do is find a major they are actually interested in and not some some bogus college that actually offers a major in intelligence studies. Study accounting, or a launguage such as Farsi. Also, learn what these agencies actually do. The FBI and the CIA couldn't be any more night and day, and the fact that you are considering both of them leads me to believe you think what they actually do is what you see in the movies.

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    Not really. If you want true experience in those fields, I would highly recommend you pursue enlistment with the active duty Army.
    Here is a link to the Bureau's Critical Skills requirements. Note the two (2) years of substantial full time work experience.

    Also, both of those agencies put more credit towards certain degrees versus military training/MOSs. With the exception of a few areas (not to be talked about) within latter agency.
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      realitycheck was a bit brash in his comment, but he is also dead on about the major/degrees that either agency is truly interested in.

      I recommend you conduct as much research as possible into what each agency is about and their actual missions and requirements. IMHO from personal run-ins and communication with others familiar with current and past operations; I personally would NEVER, EVER, EVER consider service with said latter agency.


      • avinny116
        avinny116 commented
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        Hi SF Hunter and Realitycheck,
        Thanks for the information. you both are actually actually right. I will switch my major to midlle eastern studies. What do you think?

        Beleive me I did alot of reseasch. My main goal is to become an intelligence analyst. More directly focusing on counter -terrorism. I know serving in the the national guard won't land me that job but it will give me experience in some kind of intelligence feild.
        What do you guys recommend, should i join the guard to get this experience or just go to school.
        What online colleges can do you recommend ?

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      If you want the most and best intelligence analyst experience, then you should enlist with active duty Army...PERIOD.

      Do not major in Middle Eastern or so-called "counter terrorism" studies. They are worthless and usually not accurate or relevant to what your goals are. Seek Accounting, Finance, Computer Science/IT areas and language training.