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National Guard vs. Army Reserves

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  • National Guard vs. Army Reserves

    I recently swore in to the National Guard as a PV2. My MOS is 74D and I leave for basic in July 2014. Now all of a sudden I have all these recruiters telling me I should switch over to the Reserves. My plan was to join the National Guard, go to college to study nursinh and join ROTC, graduate and all that, then when my contract with NG is over switch to Active Duty as a nurse. The recruiters are telling me it's going to be impossible to switch from NG to AR because I would be considered prior service and they're only taking special forces and linguists which I have no chance I'm joining because one, I'm a female and two, I don't know any exotic foreign language like Swahili or something. These recruiters are telling me that I can get a 10k bonus and that it's also better bc the armories or whatever they're called are closer to my area. My job with NG is 2 hours and a half away. My NG recruiter told me I would be able to switch from NG to active easily as an officer and that unlike AR, NG gets federal AND state benefits. AR recruiters denied that. I don't know what to do. Can someone tell me what's up with this and tell me the truth? I want to make the correct decision for me but idk who to believe.

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    It's tough to switch now. Doesn't mean it won't be 6-8 years from now when your contract is over.

    Focus on training before you ship next year. That's all you need to worry about right now.


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      Based on the goals you mentioned, you will have no advantage in the Army Reserve than you have in the National Guard. Upon commissioning, your ARNG enlisted contract ends anyway, so you're not really switching. Yes, it's hard to go from ARNG to active duty if you're already an officer, but newly commissioned Nurse Corps officers are a different story altogether. They have given you the correct answer to someone else's situation, not yours.

      Since your goal is active duty service, ensure that you do not take any incentives that carry a state-specific or Guard-specific service obligation that you are unwilling to fulfill.

      You have just learned an important fact about the active Army and Army Reserve: that they are deliberately, willfully ignorant of the advantages of the National Guard.