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    I'm new so bare with me. I'm planning on going to basic training in between my Jr and Senior year of high school. After I come back and finish high school, will I have to go to AIT in the National Guard Reserves? Do you have to pick a career in the military? Can I return home and go to school at a local college? Is this possible in the National Guard? and one more question, If I do join the NG will their be any point in time where I will be told to move somewhere? Thanks for your time!

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    You will go to AIT after you graduate high school. You DO get to pick your MOS/job at MEPS. The career counselor there will have available slots/jobs that he can sign you up for once you become medically qualified and all that. As soon as you finish AIT and return home you will be able to attend school; ask your recruiter how much tuition the guard will cover in your state. Since the National Guard is a state-by-state thing you should not be asked to move somewhere as your unit will be in your state.


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      You will have to attend AIT once you graduate high school. Your career will be one that you qualify for but you may be limited to careers that are within reasonable commuting distance. Once you've completed AIT you will return home and if you want to attend college you'll be able to and the Guard will help pay for it. You will never be asked to move anywhere.

      Contact a Recruiter about the Split Training Option ASAP. If you're planning on going to basic next summer positions go fast.


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        I'm not familiar with the split training option for high school students, so I'll just answer what I know. The Guard is all about you going to college, so no worries there. Your contractual obligation when you enlist is for 6 years of active drilling (one weekend a month, two weeks a year) and any deployments. The only time they would tell you to move somewhere is if your unit was deployed overseas. That's not even "moving", it's just being deployed.


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          Thanks for the help guys! Ill talk with a recruiter asap! To schedule a ship date to basic, but that will be next summer! I'm a sophomore at the moment.