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Hope I'm not being repetitive but lots of questions

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  • Hope I'm not being repetitive but lots of questions

    Hello I have interest in the air national guard but have not started any processes yet. I know I should talk to a recruiter but I want to talk to people who are already finished and have been through their service. First I will say I am 22 female and interested in the 6 year enlistment. What I want to know is:

    1. How do I manage my finances while training. I have some college experience but not a degree, but I still want to enlist. I'm worried that my credit will either become poor or that my score is taken into account while trying to enlist. Also I have loans to pay which are private so I know they will not be reimbursed but I think I can defer them while I'm in basic right? maybe? they are crappy sallie mae loans.

    2. I know you can go to school while in the guard since your part time, but what I want to know is what happens if you get deployed in the middle of a semester? If your going to school does the military or the school or both have a procedure so your gpa doesn't go down the toilet for the missed classes?

    3. I am planning on living off campus so if I get deployed I'm wondering how I will pay for my lease or monthly payments? I know you can live on base while in active duty but what happens to your place while your away and your landlord needs some payments?

    4. I want to get a job while enlisted. what are the chances of getting employed? Does being enlisted hurt your chances? Are employers less likely to higher you because you might be sent off at any time? What were your experiences in getting any type of employment especially those of you who didn't have a degree yet.

    5. Is there anyway to find out the most likely place you'll be deployed to and how long you will be there for? Also do you get to pick your base? Even if you do how long did you guys have to wait until the position opened? Also how much notice do they give you before you are deployed?

    6. I know some risk and danger are involved while being deployed so I want to know how close were you guys to danger? How high was the risk? Did some of you lose limbs or comrades? How many people did you have to kill and did you feel bad about it or were they truly evil?

    Sorry for all the questions feel free to answer a couple or all of the questions. I just want to know all the facts a be prepared before I waste a recruiters time. Thank you

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    Re: Hope I'm not being repetitive but lots of questions

    This forum and website only represents the ARMY National Guard.

    Most of your questions are fairly generic and apply to just about any reserve/part time component of the military.

    I recommend you utilize the search function on the forums. All of your questions have been asked and answered many times before.