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30/f thinking about joining but nervous

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  • 30/f thinking about joining but nervous

    I'm a 30 female not in the best shape but better than I have ever been, I am going to take my ASVAB on Wednesday. I am nervous about basic, My goal is to work in computers not combat or anything like that. I am not even sure this makes any sense lol but the PT portion of basic is what has me nervous. I have always wanted to join I even took the ASVAB after high school but I was way out of shape and overweight so I backed out. Now I am trying to get my life in order and the military has always been in the back of my mind on what I wanted to be in because I crave order and guidelines and I know I want to enlist but I am worried I am going to psych myself out of it again. any advice?

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    Re: 30/f thinking about joining but nervous

    There's nobody here who can force you to sign up. At the end of the day you have to search yourself and determine if this is what you really want. As far as PT is concerned, IET will get you into shape, but you need to keep yourself that way after graduating training. Nobody will be there between drills to force you to stay in shape. If you don't stay in shape they'll kick you out. Depending on the state you're in, which I'm presuming is Louisiana, that process is faster/slower than others.

    The APFT Requirements for a 27-31 year old female are:
    Push Ups: 17
    Sit Ups: 45
    2 Mile: 24:00

    I would suggest you base your training before signing up around that. If you can do that or at least get close to it, you should be ok.

    Why do you want to do something with computers? Are you trying to be "away from the front lines"? The first things that happen when the Army invades an enemy territory is set up a communications network. So you have the potential to be out there "on an island" during a deployment. There will be some small combat elements there and as the network is setup they will push forward ahead of you. Make no mistake about it, this is THE ARMY. You train throughout your career to go to WAR. They intend to put you IN HARM'S WAY. If that's not something you can handle, this may not be what you want to do.


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      Re: 30/f thinking about joining but nervous

      I am not concerned about fighting for my country in anyway at all I know what enlisting entails. I have always been interested in serving as my original post stated. I am looking at computers and technology as a skill that can both serve my country as well as assist me in life. I plan on furthering my education into computer engineering.