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  • To join or not to join

    I know a young lady that is thinking about joining the armed forces and she is mainly considering the national guard. She says she wants to join because wants to see the world and would like the security of her education being paid for. Her father thinks she needs discipline and is encouraging her to join also leading her to believe she will not be deployed. I think this is rediculous and I have been encouraging her to do her own research. I told her that if she isn't joining because she is ready to fight to protect her country them she shouldn't join. I would like opinions please

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    Re: To join or not to join

    Joining for the educational benefits is very common. While I do not think that this should be the sole reason for enlisting, it happens.

    Thinking that the NG does not deploy is rather na´ve to say the least. We have been at war 10+ years and many units have deploy multiple times. The primary goal of the Armed Forces is to go fight our countries battle. Given the unique skillsets that the NG brings to the "Army" table, we get tapped to deploy.... often.

    If the young lady wants to see the world and what not, she would better be served by going Active for a couple of years and getting some time on an OCONUS post, like Germany or Korea.


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      Re: To join or not to join

      "Seeing the world" has much more constraints in the NG than serving on active duty. She could start her research here by creating her own account.