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2 questions on the guard

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  • 2 questions on the guard

    These questions are related to the State of Ohio

    I'm kinda confused with the whole national guard...

    I'm planning to go to college, and I have 3 questions...

    1. I plan to go to college in the Fall, starting around August 23rd, High school ends June 4th, I'm not sure when basic training starts, do you think I'd be able to finish it by then?

    2. If I start college, can I be deployed overseas? What would happen to my college work I had started? I'm not looking for a deployment exemption, in fact I'd love to be deployed to war, just worried about my college work...

    3. I have certain baggage, a misdemeanor of the 1st degree (petty theft, which I want to atone for by serving), corrected vision with glasses, pretty close to being legally blind, could I still join National guard?

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    Re: 2 questions on the guard

    1. You can't get a training date until you enlist, and the summer slots fill quickly. You may already find yourself behind the power curve.
    2. Once you have completed your initial training (Basic and AIT), you are deployable. That said, the deployments have dropped off dramatically. I certainly won't say that it won't happen, but I can say that it's about 80% less likely than it was three years ago.
    3. These are situations which require some detailed work, so I can't give you a casual answer. Definitely disclose those issues to your recruiter on your first phone call, and provide him with related documentation related to those problems at your first meeting.


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      Re: 2 questions on the guard

      COL Ritchie has given you the information that you need. The only thing I would add is from my personal experience. Like you, I was enrolled in college when I enlisted. I was so goung ho about joining that I neglected the necessity of formally dropping courses to go to IET. As a result, I'm no longer entitled to a pell grant at my school. As for scheduling, I enlisted 01 October 2009 and boarded a plane for Fort Leonard Wood for OSUT 19 October 2009. These times vary by MOS. But I've attained no greater satisfaction or purpose in my life aside from becoming a father through joining the ARNG. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


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        Re: 2 questions on the guard

        Thanks guys, I find these answers helpful. I also just decided with my local recruiter guy that I will join up after my years in college........ He also suggested I get my misdemeanor expunged.... Although I'm kinda betting that won't do anything.

        Anyway thanks again.