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  • Confused

    Hello! I've recently been very interest in the National Guard, I've talk to a recruiter and asked her questions. (Like my eyesight because it's really bad) and I was interest in doing split option. My 17th birthday in a April and I think my recruiter is going to make the basic training this coming summer happen!

    Anyways, In January, I was so for the guard, I wanted to sign my papers! But as time got closer, I'm starting to get more nervous. I'm suppose to start my processing papers in March!

    I realized that I"m half and half. I want to start college Fall of 2014, however, I have absolute no way to pay for it. I know the Guard is probably the smartest choice for me, but it's kinda scary! I figured, since I want to be a Pediatrician in my future, I need to have an idea of what MOS I might be interested it. I fell in love with 68 W, I know it's probably hard work, but I can't keep myself from wanting it. I have no problem with deploying during college.

    But I guess my question is, what would be best for me? 68 W or a 42A if I want to be in the medical field later in life?

    btw I'm a female, if you couldn't have guessed from my user name

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    Re: Confused

    Both of those MOS's are great, but before you get your sights set on a particular job you need to find out if you're qualified. You need to score well on the ASVAB to qualify for 68W, 42A not so much. Contact your local Recruiter and see if you can take a practice ASVAB to see which, if any areas you need to work on.

    Everyone is nervous when making a big decision like this, you'd be crazy not to be.

    The Split Option is great for High Schoolers and you cannot beat the college benefits the Guard has to offer. Keep us updated!!

    Good luck!!


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      Re: Confused

      Thanks for the reply! I took my ASVAB sometime last year, I can't remember, but I got a 62. I took it just because I wanted to get out of class and these army recruiters came and told me to just try it cause it's free. So I didn't really try. I had more of the mindset, I wont stress getting the answer, if I can't find it, I'll put anything. Especially in the auto section.