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Questions about technician positions in the Guard.

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  • Questions about technician positions in the Guard.

    I have a few questions on the technician side of the guard. What does it mean when a tech position is listed as a developmental position? Any insight on the hiring process would be helpful, such as how long they take to get back to you, will they let you know if your not being considered, interviews, etc... Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Questions about technician positions in the Guard.

    I am not sure what the meaning is behind a job being a developmental position. If it is a starter position (like GS9 or lower) then it could be that there is room for growth and moving up the GS chain.

    As for the hiring process, it is like the civilian world, just a little slower. First the position has to be posted. Usually the posting lasts for 2 - 3 wks. Then once the posting is done HR has to look over all of the packets that were submitted. Once they have vetted the packets they then send them on to the hiring manager. They in turn have to look over each packet and see if the person actually fits what is needed, at which point they start calling for interviews, if they have people that made it this far. If not, then they can repost the job opening to a wider group. If you applied and didn't make it then you should get a notice in the mail stating why you didn't make it.

    Once they have good candidates they can then begin scheduling interviews. These can take several weeks as many jobs require a panel of interviewers. So you have to work around all of their schedules and your schedule as well. Once the interviews are done they then have to notify HR of who was successful and who was not, and why the unsuccessful ones didn't make it. Then an offer has to be extended to the successful candidate. By then a month or two could have gone by since the job posted, and this is for an easy job. They can get more complicated.

    Just to give an idea, I applied for the job I am in back in May of 2012. The interview wasn't until mid June and I wasn't notified that I didn't get the job until mid July. That successful candidate could have started in mid august, but chose to put it off. However, one week before the number 1 choice was to start, they turned down the job. I was number 2 on the list so I got it. That was in Mid September. Almost 6 months after I first applied for the job. I would say this is rare, but it seems to happen often. I would expect a good 2 to 3 month timeline on a tech position, depending on urgency, position level and number of qualified candidates.


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      Re: Questions about technician positions in the Guard.

      I've hired two mil tech positions. With those two, the biggest stumbling block was getting their resume to really match what the job was asking for. Not only that but getting your resume through HR so the appointing authority can see it. Really look at the job description and try to add as much experience you have to match it (without lying of course).

      You need to be willing to change MOS's, go to whatever additional schools are necessary for that position. In my examples, I had several applicants that were unwilling to change MOS or attend additional training.