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Worried and need answers!

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  • Worried and need answers!

    My boyfriend joined the national guard and got out of basic training in early 2011. When he got released to his unit they were already deployed. From what he says the first few months of drilling were nothing more than sitting in a classroom. During that time his parents had a nasty divorce. He basically had to move out on his own and support himself. He was discouraged about the lack of leadership and discipline in his unit. He got tired of traveling 3 hours for drill and the stress of living on his own, and having to work two jobs were really taking a toll on him. He stopped showing for drill and I think he hasn't shown up for drill for a little over a year now. During the past year I've been trying to convince him to contact his unit. All he say is that they haven't called or even sent him a letter, if they reach out to him then he will return. That was until last week he received a letter saying that he is ING and when he is ready to come back to call this number and he wouldn't have to worry about a drug test.

    Since then the letter has been sitting on the kitchen table and he refuses to call. My boyfriend is a good guy and a hard worker, but I know he is being very irresponsible. I think it's to the point now that they wouldn't believe or care how much hardship he has had, because he hasn't called them or anything. I'm scared he is going to get arrested and get a dishonorable discharge. That's one thing he doesn't need to happen to him. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Is there anything I can do?

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    Re: Worried and need answers!

    He is not going to receive a dishonorable discharge since he will have to been found guilty in a general courts-martial. That will not happen since he does not fall under the UCMJ.

    There is nothing you can do except to try to persuade him to do the right thing and to get closure with his service. He probably already has a General Under Honorable for unsatisfactory participation from the NG to ING. He will need his NGB-22 to confirm this. I suggest that he calls the number and handle it as an adult. He will probably be given the opportunity to return but perhaps the best thing for him is to remain in the ING until his obligation is done.

    We have a law secretary that posts on this forum and he will shed some more light. His name is ParalegalNCO1.
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      Re: Worried and need answers!

      He will face numerous negative consequences from his failure to honor his obligation, although probably not for years. Read the forum, and you'll find many people who had the same situation years ago, and now regret it deeply.


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        Re: Worried and need answers!

        Wholly agree sir. It is disheartening to see an AD member not fulfill his contract but even more with a reserve/Guard member that just needs to do it part time.