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  • Clarification please

    My 17yo daughter is a part of the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) program in a nearby town. Apparently at some point in the past few months she has spoken to an Air National Guard Recruiter who told her that if she could get her father and I to sign off on her early enlistment in the Guard prior to her graduation in 2014 that she would be paid a monthly stipend of around 200.00. Furthermore, she has stated unequivocally that this Recruiter told her that because she scored a 98 on her ASVAB that she would get a full ride scholarship to college and suggested Baylor University. The story goes on that the guard would send her to college first with the stipulation that she could be activated while at school. She wants to go into medicine so of course she says that they also told her she can go through medical school first, and as long as she remains part of the ROTC or whatever it is program that the Guard has through Baylor she will come out an officer and then report for whatever her term commitment is.

    To give a little more background, she decided last September since her father and I were moving back to our hometown for family reasons, that she was moving in with her boyfriend and we've already learned the hard way that at 17 there is precious little we can do to force her to live with us. So she moved out. This talk with the recruiter happened while she was living away from us. The recruiter has not attempted to contact us at all, even though he knows she's under 18. Prior to her moving out she was all about the Air Force and going to the academy. Now she's returned home as the relationship went bust with the boyfriend yet still will not listen to reason about what her realistic options are.

    I do not know if this is a case of the recruiter over promising or her selective listening. What we would like to know from some of you here is if and I strongly stress IF the recruiter promised her all these things what is the actual likelihood of her getting it? I just don't see how the guard would supposedly pay her to live at a private school and go there for 7-10 years while she gets her medical degree and then report for duty. Frankly I don't see any of the branches being willing to shovel out money to send someone to school before they've served their time, other than at one of the academys.

    I'm all for her going into the military. I have absolutely no problem with that. Our problem is that either someone has sold her a bunch of malarky or she has heard what she wants and thinks that that is how its going to be.

    Can anyone offer any advice???

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    Re: Clarification please

    Well, since she spoke to an Air National Guard recruiter, I cannot speak of how correct they were on her incentive eligibility. Unfortunately, this is an Army National Guard forum, so a lot of the answers you will get are likely to be in reference to what the Army National Guard offers. That is, unless there is a member versed on the Air Force as well.

    In general, if you are concerned with the information she is given, I would recommend getting a second opinion from a different recruiter and requesting information in writing.


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      Re: Clarification please

      I do apologize. I've playing catch up since she moved back. She's under the impression that the Air National Guard was part of the Army National Guard. Atleast that is what she said the recruiter told her. This is the first day I've had a chance to try and research anything of what she told me. I googled Air National guard questions and followed the link. I didn't see the link was So now I know at least that one thing she told me is incorrect. The Air Guard and Army NG are two totally different things.

      I will do more research and contact a recruiter to get a second opinion soon. I wanted to get some information together on my own so that I would have some knowledge before just talking to a recruiter blindly. At this point I know enough to know I don't know enough, and without more info I wouldn't and still don't know all of what's going on.

      Thanks for the reply!


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        Re: Clarification please

        The people to speak with are the ROTC at Baylor. There are parts that you asked about which I know are true for the Air Guard as well as the Army Gaurd. She can enlist at 17 with both of your permissions prior to graduating HS. In the Army Guard we allow them to do Basic training between Jr. and Sr. year and then her Advanced Individual training (AIT) after her graduation. While there is a guarentee that they will be back on time for thier senior year, there is no such promise made about being done with training in time for the start of college. Once in college ROTC is a seperate entity from the National Guard both Air and Army. In the Army National Guard, she can participate in both guard and ROTC after Contracting with ROTC if she chooses. I'm not sure if the Air Guard has a simultanious membership program. The ROTC program would be able to answer that question for you. I know the Air Force and the Army has allowed some students to continue on thru medical school after graduating from the 4 year program. This comes at the cost of a longer service obligation. I can assure you however, that the recruiter can not promise this as a will occur fact. There is no guarentee that she will even be accepted into med school. And it will probably not be the Air Guard sending her to medical school. That would probably be at the discretion of the Air Force which is whom she would owe her service obligation to.

        The one thing I would definately do is meet with the recruiter in person and see which Guard he/she is from, and have him/her put all of these points in writing before you consent. Still double check with Baylor's ROTC program to verify the answers provided.