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    Re: A little situation..

    Originally posted by Mongoose772 View Post
    I want to be clear that Recruiters are not car salesmen. There seems to be this urban myth that "if one recruiter won't help me, I may be able to find one who will". In many states your ZIP CODE identifies who your recruiter of record is, which is relatively "non-negotiable" unless the RRNCOIC feels there is a conflict or issue. I empathize with your situation, but you are permenantly disqualified for military service. I promise you this is not waiverable. If I had seen this post earlier, I would have made this clearer to you sooner. Notyetdead provided you with the specific guidance from AR 40-501, but again, I can promise you...if you had your heart exposed at one point to room are disqualified. A savvy Recruiter knows this, and is just making good time managment decisions. Again, I am sorry.
    With all due respect it isn't an urban myth it is a fact. While most recruiters are in deed very dedicated to the job, there are those few in every state that follow the old addage, made mission, going fishing. They are minimalists and only do what they are required to do. And some of them do in fact try to sell the Guard like a stereotypical used car salesman. Yes many times the recruiter of record is mandated by a state policy, but that doesn't mean another recruiter won't go the extra mile to help someone. I can't tell you how many soldiers I put in boots while recruiting that other recruiters (not just other guard recruiters) blew off and didn't feel they had the time to work with.

    Unfortunately that doesn't change the situation in this case. Requesting a med read is not that difficult for the recruiter. You have your documents, and even though the med read will probably come back disqualified no waiver authorized, what would it really hurt for the recruiter to send it up? If the OP wants to be 100% certain he is permanently disqualified, he should ask the recruiter to speak with his NCOIC and explain his situation. If you go this route, a current diagnosis from your doctor showing no limitations with no physical restrictions and a clear prognosis would be crucial if you were to even have an outside chance of them letting you apply for a waiver.