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Deployment Schedule?

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  • Deployment Schedule?

    I posted this in Education but this forum seems to get a lot more traffic, so I'm cross-posting here. Mods, feel free to delete the original at if cross-posting is frowned on -- I went to delete it but all I could find was the "Edit" feature with no option to remove the post.

    My husband's served in the Guard for about 10 years and is looking at colleges right now. (He started school several years back but left in the beginning of his first semester to go to Iraq.) One of our biggest considerations in choosing a college is the timing of the local unit's next deployment. We're probably looking at potential deployment wherever we go; however, I'd rather he left during the first couple years of college than in the middle of his senior semester, since upper-level courses would be harder to come back to after a year's absence.

    We've talked to several recruiters in the areas we're considering and all they can tell us is 1) when the last deployment was and 2) that their units haven't been put on alert. From what I understand, my husband's current unit is eligible for overseas deployment on a 5-year schedule, but a recruiter in another state told me he's never heard of schedules like that, and that his unit is up for deployment any time but will probably be put on alert a year in advance... Which has just left me confused. Is there any way to project when a specific unit will deploy? Is it a state-by-state thing? Or are we just going to have to pick a college and hope we get lucky?

    Advice, suggestions, and educated guesses are all welcome. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Deployment Schedule?

    You've already done more homework than most people so I must commend you for that. And you've been given the best answers you can get really.

    -When the unit deployed last.
    -If they are particularly on alert or not right now.
    -Deployments can happen at anytime.
    -Soldiers are generally notified a year in advance.


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      Re: Deployment Schedule?

      Almost all units are on a 5 year cycle. This doesn't mean they follow the 5 year cycle and it only applies to the unit and not the Soldiers. Units are usually notified 1-2 years out about a pending mob but won't be alerted until 6-9 months out. Unless your husband is cross leveling, this should give him time to complete his current semester.


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        Re: Deployment Schedule?

        Thanks for the responses! Very helpful.