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Anything i can do??

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  • Anything i can do??

    I'm 18 years old, and was wanting to join the Army. I went to MEPS and scored a 74 on my ASVAB, but when it came to my security clearance, my Juvinile record came back, and my recruiter told me it was a no go from there. I'm wanting to join the Guard now, but I'm confused because I was "adjudicated" not convicted, I have no criminal record. I know the military is governmental and they can see anything, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do? especially if it wasn't my fault.. I know you don't want to hear my whole life sob story, but long story short, I was adopted, adopted dad was abusive, CPS came multiple times (never called by me) but nothing happened, finally when I was 17 I hit him back after he punched me in the face and started choking me, It was their word against mine. (They didn't even have the same stories) in court the judge told me I could fight it, but that means i would have to deal with this for another several months, or since i was a juvenille i could plead guilty and get it over with. the only reason i did that is because he told me i would not have a record (I asked because the military has been my goal since i was a kid). please help!

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    Re: Anything i can do??

    Is the issue only with an MOS that requires a security clearance?


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      Re: Anything i can do??

      Others on here can say more about the legal side of things, but just so you are aware, here's what the most updated waiver suspension states:

      "(1) Waivers for Major Misconduct [are suspended]. Waivers for Juvenile Major Misconduct may be
      considered in meritorious cases with extenuating circumstances; cannot be for Sex
      Crimes or Drug related offenses."

      I'm not sure how or if your situation falls under Major Misconduct, but this may have been why the Army recruiter deemed your conduct non-waiverable.
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