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  • 7411 status

    Hello all i'am currently on probation for possession i received 7411 status and was put on probation. At the end of probation the only thing that will show up on my record will be an arrest if that? my record will be sealed and case will result in a non conviction and judge changed my plea to not guilty. will this keep me from joining? the marijuana was not actually mine i didnt know this could keep me from joining till recently. i had my friend who's it actually was write a notorized letter to my probation officer stating that this was actually his, he was in the car when i was pulled over. although i was never actually detained just fingerprinted so im assuming this counts as an arrest? i am trying to get them to completely drop the charges now they have knowledge and proof that it wasnt mine seens how im still on 7411 status and its not completed. although if they dont is there anyway i can still join.. i rarely smoked pot my entire life toatling proubly 1-3 times and the only reason i took it and said it was mine is becuase my friend was visiting from another state and i didnt want him to lose his job. i am now starting to realize how stupid it was for me to do this. but it wasnt even mine and now the army is going to judge me by my case and not who i actually am. if i cant join for this idk what i will do? i know i can go on with my life but i will never recieve the training from the army in many cases i mean the transformation in which you instowe into young men and women.

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    Re: 7411 status

    At the time, all waivers are suspended for any involvement of illegal substances. I have a hard time believing absolutely nothing will show up after serving probation, but I leave that clarification to others on this forum that have more information on this.