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Army Recruiters vs NG recruiters?

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  • Army Recruiters vs NG recruiters?

    So yesterday some Army recruiters came down to my high school and set up a booth our in the courtyard during lunch. I myself, interested in the NG, decided to go have a chat with them and see what they had to offer. Well, it turns out that the Army doesn't do recruiting for the NG. They kept on telling me that they only recruited for active duty and reserve. Not National Guard...and I was pretty confused because I thought the National guard was the Army. Their explanation was that since their funding comes from the federal, not state government, they come more often to recruit. But I'm going to be quite honest, I've never seen any National Guard recruiter in my life. So why do these guys make the NG and the active duty/reserves seem so different? And do NG recruiters ever come to high schools? *Note- Interestingly enough, the recruiters were pretty negative towards the NG. They were pretty darn set on how "much better" the active duty and reserves were in comparison the the NG. One good point they did bring up was how state funding is significantly less in comparison to the federal government. So they were saying that we would get worse training or that true?

    My place of residence is California.

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    Re: Army Recruiters vs NG recruiters?

    NGB has it's own recruiting and retention command. The USAR wishes it had its own recruiting retention command as well.

    The reason for the difference are based in history of the existence of both and can be complex. Both the NG and USAR are federally funded. It's a common misconception that the NG is solely state funded. They are negative because they are trying to fill their quotas. Investigate both as each has its pro's and con's.