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  • Credit

    I know this has been posted ,but the search I came up with is not specific to my situation.
    I have a misdemeanor from a couple years ago, but this is not about that, just putting it out there.(theft:less than 100$) (took a pair of jeans from the mall :/)

    Anyway, my question is with obtaining a SECRET clearance, I have bad credit, as in 3 things were in collections, they were, I pulled my credit a month ago, and contacted the 3 creditors, and paid them all off in full, I have to wait a month to get paperwork from them confirming it was paid off.

    From what I understand, you cannot get any clearance with collections on you're credit? Does that mean current collection account, or just in general if you ever had anything in collections? The collections were a CC, cell phone, and Dell. One was about a year old, the other 2 from this year. Totaling about 2 thousand dollars. Like I said I paid them all in full, and I have a gas bill/ another CC on there that have been paid on time for the past 3 years.

    So the question was if the collections were paid in full and closed do I have a chance at a SECRET clearance? If it is possible, I am assuming with an old misdemeanor it takes the chance right away? Either way I will be joining, just want to find out if I should look at things w/o clearances or if I may have a chance to get one.

    Never been arrested, no drug use, 22 single with no children, though I doubt any of that makes a diff. If this is in the wrong forum I apoligize!