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Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

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  • Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

    Hi Everyone,
    I am trying to decide between enlisting between the Army NG and Air NG. I know this is an Army NG website but I thought anyone on here may be able to give me some "real" advice and opinions. I respect both branches and am open to either.
    Here is what I know so far... The Army NG will enlist me as an E-3. Both jobs I am interested are avaiable and I qualify for them(68W or 42A).
    Air National Guard has one of the those two jobs available. Air NG will only enlist me as E-1. Should I be that concerned with rank, E-1 vs E-3?
    I do have a family(wife and 3 kids). I have heard many times that with a family the Air force would be a better option. Is that really true? I do know they don't deploy for as long or as often which is better for a family man.

    My main goals are to serve my country while being able to learn a new skill and eventually go back to school. I was recently laid off and always wanted to serve in the military.

    Any honest advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

    I grew up with my dad in the Air Guard. He's still in. He's going on 23 years of service. He has really enjoyed it and even though my parents divorced at a young age, I still had plenty of time with him. I haven't had any deployment experience with the Army Guard yet as I am just recently enlisted, but from seeing friends in the Army Guard it does seem the deployments are longer. I wouldn't say the rank issue is something to be really concerned about. But higher rank = more money. I'm not familiar with the methods to get rank in the Air Guard but I imagine it should be too difficult to get to E-3.

    Personally, I love the Army Guard and I have been treated very well so far. And even being a single parent, I can still definitely say it's been worth it to me already and I'm sure it will continue to be.


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      Re: Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

      Army is a lot bigger, so more opportunities are there. And yes, they generally deploy longer than the other branches.

      Also, since you just indicated you were laid off, I want to make sure you realize that unless you're active duty or training, the pay is a few hundred bucks a drill. Nothing to live on. 68W is a good MOS if you want to pursue a career in emergency medical services after training.
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        Re: Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

        Yes, I realize this is only part time. It will help me accomplish most of my goals though. I will have the opportunity to serve my country while learning a new career and able to further my education. The only thing I still will need is a full time job which I am working on that as well. I don't really want to go full time military because I do not want to relocate my entire family. Also, I don't desire to do this full time. My brother was in Active duty Army and was deployed more than he was home. I am willing to do what is asked of me, just not really interested in a full time role. Although, having security of a job and housing and benefits would be nice.


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          Re: Army National Guard vs. Air National Guard

          Both Guards do have active duty positions, where you work on base/airfield/armory. Same place where everyone drills. You do not relocate. Search the forum for AGR, ADOS (formerly called ADSW) and technician jobs for more information.