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AGR Interview Process

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  • AGR Interview Process

    Hello everyone,

    I have an upcoming interview for an AGR position with the MI ARNG as a PSDR Clerk. This will be my first board, so I am looking for any tips/advice on the process. Specifically, I'm wondering how I enter the room (e.g., after I drop my salute, what do I say, if I say anything? I'm keen on details.) Additionally, any guidance on questions relevant to this position or just relevant for a board in general would help calm my nerves a little bit. Again, this will be my first board, so I making all attempts to be as best prepared as I can be.

    Thanks for the help.
    SPC McClellan

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    Re: AGR Interview Process

    Go in and meet with the person vacating the position. Get as much insider knowledge as you can. Knowing the intricacies of the position will get you much higher up the OML than walking into the room correctly.


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      Re: AGR Interview Process

      Develop a clear value proposition as to how you can benefit the organization, and how you can do the work. If there's anything negative or less than ideal in your record, address it and mitigate it. If you raise the negative issue, then you deprive it of some of its power to hurt you. Raise some ideas as to how you could improve the organization (ideally, not something dramatic that would revolutionize the world, because that's presumptuous, threatening, and unrealistic -- look for some small, low-cost, but practical ideas). People are ultimately most concerned with themselves, so make a clear case as to how hiring you will make their lives better.