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Why do Army Recruiters hate the guard?

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  • Why do Army Recruiters hate the guard?

    So by accident I walked into an army recruiting center thinking it was a place I could enlist and ask questions about the guard. When I asked about the guard, they laughed at me. It was probably the most awkward feeling I have ever had. So I asked about the reserve. they told me that the reserve has no Combat MOS. But when I looked online on the reserve website they had combat MOS. Im still leaning towards the guard but I was just seeing if anyone else had ran into this problem with army recruiters.

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    Re: Why do Army Recruiters hate the guard?

    Many active duty soldiers have preconceptions about the guard and nearly all of them are bad. From a customs and courtsies standpoint the NG as a whole gets a bad rap because there are many units out there that do not represent the guard very well and unfortunately its the really bad ones that stand out the most.

    Usually a lot of preconceptions turn out to be misconceptions once active units get to work with NG units, especally over seas. The NG has a ton on its plate post 9/11. Not only are we in deployment cycles but we have to balance a civilian career with a military career, taking long breaks and stalls in our civilian careers in order to answer the calls of the nation. It is a lot harder then many active duty soldiers realize.


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      Re: Why do Army Recruiters hate the guard?

      I have been active duty Army for nearly 9 years and I love the Guard!!