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Time in grade requirement for retirement in the Guard

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  • Time in grade requirement for retirement in the Guard

    I have looked over FAQs that I could through the search and read the 10 USC 1370 para d(3). I still don't know the answer and hope someone can clarify for me. I am (expectingly) going to make Major next year (have a slot) and will hit 24 years in service (all good years for retirement with no break in service). I was not wanting to stay in for 3 full years after making Major. I have been told by several people and also an instructor at NGPEC that in the guard I only have to hold the Major rank for at least 6 months and I could still retire as a Major. I spent many years enlisted and next year at 24 years I will have been an officer for 10 years (2 years 2nd LT, 2 years 1LT, almost 5 years CPT) - so I meet that requirement. I know my retirement PAY is based off my highest last 36 months of pay - regardless of rank. My main question is what rank will I hold if I retire before the full 3 years? My spouse was active duty and is just retiring (from Air Force) this year so I have been in the guard in 4 states - every state seems to have a little different twist - so I'd like for someone to literally give me the paragragh, etc.; the exact black and white that tells me the answer - for the Guard/Reserve - not active duty.

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Time in grade requirement for retirement in the Guard

    I am active duty and active duty it is a three-year TIG requirement but why haven't you called your S1 or personnel up at STARC. They should know the answer to your question.