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Does 91E still exist in the guard?

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  • Does 91E still exist in the guard?

    Hello, I have a couple questions actually, it has never been fully explained to me how the whole assignment to units works. Let me start off as saying I've been working at a manufacturing company for several years, about 2 1/2 years ago showing interest in the machining side of the company I was promoted and trained on the job as a machinist. I'm now a CNC specialist and work with extremely expensive machinery every day and unfortunately I'm not at the place I'd like to be or making the kind of money I want. Since I have absolutely no "real" training in a classroom or a 2 year degree I can't get hired to those outside shops that we frequently outsource work to where guys are making 3x my wage doing the same thing.

    So I'm wanting to go back to college and looking into Mechanical Engineering as a Major I understand the Guard has really great repayment options for college loans but a couple things give me pause. The only job openings I've ever seen in the units around here are some type of petro technician which I'm guessing isn't nearly as interesting as it sounds; or your normal 11 bravo infantry. While I have no qualms about 11b I'd really like something that pushes me, I can't stand being a dead box and bored out of my mind. I tried looking into machinist jobs via random google search and most of the links ended up dead or no longer existing.

    Does 91E exist in the Guard? If I have extensive experience in said profession would that at all alter my chance of getting into that MOS? What if there are no units in my area with that MOS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Does 91E still exist in the guard?

    Many people use their National Guard service as a way to get additional experiences that they would not have gotten otherwise. I had a ATF agent in my unit years ago who enlisted as a cook, because he wanted to do something different. That was the same unit where a contracts lawyer enlisted as a cannon crewman. There's nothing wrong with aligning your Guard career directly with your civilian career, although you should at least consider doing something completely different.

    That said, 53 of 54 states & territories have 91E slots in SL1 (i.e., grades E4 and below), although there are few vacancies. Most are overstrength. Additionally, the slots may not exist in a nearby unit. I would recommend that you look at additional options, to broaden your horizons.

    That said, if you get into that career field, and are good at it, you could pursue a path to warrant officer. That's a sweet deal, if you can qualify.

    For those of you with OCD, the one National Guard that lacks 91E slots is the District of Columbia.


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      Re: Does 91E still exist in the guard?

      Actually I never really thought of it like that, I was just trying to keep it simple and doing something I'm excellent at would probably bore me in the long run. I've done a little more research in my area and located another unit about 50 miles further drive that has several more options. I'm really interested in 12B having a farming background dealing with heavy machinery and working with my hands.

      I really appreciate the response, I always feel some reservations about calling up a recruiter about simple questions and it's good to have a place to ask.
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