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  • RI Airborne Guard

    So I am heading to MEPS in 2 weeks to fill an 11B or 11C slot in the RI Guard. My whole point in going down to RI(I am from Mass) is that I wanted to be part of the Airborne unit. My recruiter does not seem to know if there is a slot in the Airborne unit or not. Also is it possible that Airborne will be part of my contract when I meet with the guidance councilor/career councilor? Lastly am I obligated to sign?

    I am willing to give some to get some. If I have to sign for 6 years or fill an MOS that is not on the top of my list(like 11C) I am willing to do that in order to get Airborne into my contract.

    My intent is to be part of C. Company 143rd Airborne in RI but my plan is if I can not get an Airborne slot in RI to give the guys in TX a call and see if their are any Airborne 11B, 13F or even 92R slots.

    Anyone have experience with this kind of thing or anyone have any experience with the RI Airborne guard unit?

    Thank you for your time and information
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    Re: RI Airborne Guard


    Just out of curiosity why are you so facinated with an Airborne specific unit? Jump school is only a couple weeks long and although it has some slight "neato" factor I want to assure you that you won't be jumping out of planes every drill weekend. I am uncertain about your personal ability to travel freely and cheaply, but unless you plan on relocating (for example to Texas), it is an awful big life decision so you can simply go to jump school. Even so, I appreciate your apparent passion and zeal.

    Your Recruiter needs to "secure" you a unit position prior to shipping to MEPS. The "good" news is, if you can obtain a position within the Battalion, you will certainly have a considerable opportunity to attend pathfinder, airborne, air assault and other jump out of a perfectly good aircraft schools.


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      Re: RI Airborne Guard

      For me its more than just the school. It means, at least to me and I could be very wrong, first and foremost being part of something above the average guard unit(something special for lack of better terms). I want to say something elite but that may not be the correct wording either. I understand that at the end of the day you are going to be doing an 11B or 13F or 12B or whatever MOS the same as you would in any unit, just you have the added bonus of being Airborne. As a good friend put it Airborne is just another means to get you to the battlefield. The next thought is( I know you could go to any number of high spped cool guy schools in lots of units) being part of an Airborne unit should dramaticaly increase the availability of funding and my chances of going to high speed schools like Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder, HALO etc...

      I think perhaps my focus is narrowed on this. Thanks for the kick to help me recalibrate my compass.


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        Re: RI Airborne Guard

        Is there a LARS unit in RI? If you're serious about making Air Borne and other similar schools, a priority in your military career, perhaps look into applying to one of these units. There's not many in the US, mind you.

        Have you considered going Active Duty, specifically into the 82nd? Mongoose made some good points. If this is something you're serious about, why go through training for an MOS you aren't "thrilled" about just so you can attend an elite school I would say, if you want it, go all the way! If it's just some way to "challenge" yourself, be sure you make training for an MOS that you love your primary consideration.