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Paramedic joining in Texas.

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  • Paramedic joining in Texas.

    Hello, first time poster on this forum. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them. 1: Went to a meeting with my recruiter, and after asking me about my plans for the future, they told me about a PA program through the ANG, and I wonder what the process is with this, because I am hearing conflicting information from the recruiter and some of the PAs that I know.
    2: What are the requirements to go qualify for OCS? The book they gave me doesn't match what they had originally told me in the office.
    3: What is the real story behind the educational benefits with the ANG?

    I'm sure I will have more questions, but for now thanks in advance for whomever can answer these questions for me.
    -Jake H

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    Re: Paramedic joining in Texas.

    Hi Jake. Welcome to the forums.

    Your recruiter is talking about the IPAP (Interservice Physician Assistant Program).
    Will give you the current application proceedures for soldiers looking to attend. While the IPAP is attractive to many (frankly it's one of the best deals out there), it has strict application requirements and a fairly low acceptance rate. It is possible though, and I know 4 people personally who have used that as a route to obtain their PA-C and 65D.
    Don't confuse apples and oranges (while they are both fruit), as OCS has nothing to do with IPAP. OCS is one of the 4 primary commissioning sources in the Army. Countless other posts on this forum address the requirements, but at a minimum they would include
    Must be US Citizens prior to commissioning.
    Must attend an Officer Basic Course within 24 months of commissioning.
    Must have completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) or other military service equivalent. (AIT can be waived for those soldiers enlisting into the Army National Guard for the OCS Option. Contact us or your local recruiter for details on the OCS Enlistment Option).
    GT score of 110 or higher.
    Effective 1 October 2011, have at least 90 semester hours from an accredited college or university prior to OCS enrollment or enlistment.
    Be at least 18 and not have reached your 35th birthday prior to enlistment and be able to complete the State OCS course and commissioning requirements prior to reaching age 42. Prior service personnel are eligible to enlist after age 35, if otherwise eligible based on prior Active or Reserve service computation and be eligible for non-regular retirement by age 60.
    Must pass the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) upon entering the program and again prior to commissioning.
    Must have a valid physical prior to enrollment.
    Must pass a Commissioning Physical prior to Phase I and within 24 months of commissioning.
    Must meet the height weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9
    Attendance at Federal OCS requires the prior completion of a BA/BS as does commissioning into the AMEDD.
    Education benefits are excellent. I have 152 college credits and have never taken out a student loan! True poop. Some states are better than others, but Selected Reserve GI Bill, and Tuition Assistance are avalible as a minimum everywhere.
    Being a Paramedic only helps you if you plan on enlisting as a 68W (Healthcare Specialist). Back in the day Paramedics got out of the AIT completely. Now, it merely gives you the same advantage that a EMT-B would have. Skip the first 5 weeks of AIT. That, and you can come in under the Civilian aquired skiills program and start at E-4. Questions?


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      Re: Paramedic joining in Texas.

      To add to Mongoose, here are a few links that can give you a reference point concerning OCS and the Educational Benefits in the National Guard: