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Is there anyone around who is a 35F?

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  • Is there anyone around who is a 35F?

    Hey all,

    I am wondering if there is anyone around who is a 35F who could shed some light on your typical deployments? I met with my recruiter earlier this week and he was looking at some of my practice ASVAB scores and asked if I would be interested in MI for my MOS. I hadn't really thought about it before but now after looking into it, I am considering it. There are a couple spots in my state for a 35F that have caught my attention. I asked about their typical deployments and was told that they are on a 4 year rotation in my state and depending on my unit, I would either be deployed in 2014 or 2016 due to the rotation periods. Obviously I know that this may potentially change but I was curious if there was anyone who had any info on what MI deployments are like in their state. Any extra info or feedback on the job would be cool too. Thanks all.
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    Re: Is there anyone around who is a 35F?

    Deployments are different for everyone. Just because you are a 35F doesn't mean you'll deploy and do 35F work.

    Take the 35F job, that's what I am and I love it.


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      Re: Is there anyone around who is a 35F?

      What eaxctly does the 35F job entail? I was also given this option when my 68W ws no longer available. I need more info if you have the time. Thanks