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    Originally posted by Gary Williams View Post
    I am an officer in the Guard, and I was pursuing another degree in engineering until my wife and I found out she is pregnant. I found a really good job, but the position I applied for and was given an offer for is Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

    I was looking at resigning my commission, but there is no guarantees with that path. I was reading in AR 140-10 and AR 135-175 that there is a hardship/dependancy clause. With the extreme conflict with this new position and continuing my obligation with the guard, what is my best course of action?

    I am not trying to get away from any obligations I may owe, but the conflict with a job that provides for my family is what comes first, though the experiences the Guard gave me are great, but I think it's served its time.

    The position I was offered is in another state, and the transition and training period for the new job will conflict with training in the state I am currently in.
    Service in the Guard can often prove more difficult than service in the active component.

    Do you want to continue your service within the parameters of your new life? If you are simply looking to serve the remainder of your obligation in an honorable manner, I can think of some scenarios under which you could do that. Obviously working every weekend makes it impossible for you to continue as a platoon leader or XO in a line unit. With a little imagination, you may work out a deal with a staff section at the State HQ, and serve as a watch officer at the Operations Center during two weekdays per month. Perhaps you have some engineering expertise that the State Facilities Manager might find useful during the week. The Family Program office could use your service as well. These are but three ideas off the top of my head. Engage the OSM in your gaining State, and ensure that he knows your situation up-front.

    Since you only want to serve your obligation, you won't need to worry about career-enhancing positions, military schools, or other "ticket punches."
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    Re: ING letter of disinterested parties

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      Re: ING letter of disinterested parties

      An option to look into is the USAR/IMA position. Different then a TPU as you can do all of your drills/AT at once.