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Administration Career-Deployment??

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  • Administration Career-Deployment??

    I'm considering joining the Guard as a Human Resources Specialist or an Administration Specialist and I'm wondering if these positions are subject to deployment. I have several years experience in an office setting and would like to further my career in that field. Joining the Guard is somthing that I've always wanted to do. I love the at-home aspect of it, helping in disaster relief situations and being there for national emergencies. As for overseas deployments, I'm not so keen. I'll do what I have to but I'm curious if administration positions are even subject to deployment as their not really combat roles.

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    Re: Administration Career-Deployment??

    HR/Admin specialists usually work at detachments, battalions, brigades and other organizational levels. They usually are assigned to the S1 in which that section is where all the administration takes place. My S1 is currently here in Afghanistan and they handle personnel tracking and movement, emergency leave (no longer R&R), administrative actions, awards, evaluation reports, etc. So yes, these positions definitely do deploy. In my six years in the Guard, I have never worked in disaster relief situations as in natural disasters. I was activated for Operation Noble Eagle after 9/11. I have been on active duty again since 2004 and currently on my third deployment. So what you might like to be a part of; may not happen and what you might not like to be a part of; may happen.


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      Re: Administration Career-Deployment??

      When I deployed the last time I was admin, so yes, you'll still deploy. Of course the roles are different and you'll basically be in an office setting the whole time. It pretty much drove me crazy cooped up over there, luckily for me my unit was cool with letting me go out on missions with them from time to time.