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  • ACL Surgery

    Just a little background before I ask my question. I'm 33/male, Deputy Sheriff, prior-service NBC (CBRN now), and had acl surgery 2 months ago. I was looking into my options for re-enlistment before my injury. I had surgery on March 7th, and it is a 6 month healing process. Im guessing it will actually take me about a year to return to the physical condition i was in before. I now have 2 screws in my knee, and a tendon from my hamstring working as my acl. Does this disqualify me or can I obtain a waiver as long as I can physically perform? I beleive I can have the screws taken out after a while if that is an issue.

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    Re: ACL Surgery

    Ultimately the dr at MEPS will make the final decision. Although, here are the Medical Regulations for all the details that you have provided:
    1) History of surgical reconstruction of knee ligaments DOES meet the enlistment standard IF 12 months have elapsed since reconstruction, and the knee is asymptomatic and stable.
    2) Current retained hardware (including plates, pins, rods, wires, or screws) used for fixation that is symptomatic or interferes with proper wearing of equipment or military uniform IS a disqualification. Retained hardware is not disqualifying if fractures are healed, ligaments are stable, and there is no pain.
    3) Recurrent ACL reconstruction is a disqualifier


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      Re: ACL Surgery

      Thanks for the info. I had already started my Path to Honor when this happened. It was a pretty big shock to my ego, I have never really been injured before. To be honest thats been the hardest part. I can deal with the pain from the surgery, the pain from physical therapy, but to have to just sit around and let this heal when there is no way to speed up the process is driving me crazy. I cant even jog for another 2-3 weeks, and my legs cant seem to peddle fast enough for the excersise bike to really be effective, besides helping with range of motion. It has given me more than enough time to do some soul searching, and I know now more than ever that this is what I want. I just have a long road ahead of me. HOAH!