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How can I make it work?

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  • How can I make it work?

    I graduated college with a degree in geology in 2009. I've worked for a company for an oil company for over 10 years prior till in 2010 I started my own geology/consulting/oil producing company. In June of 2011 I married the woman who stood beside me for over 4 years through college. Now I run a company (which I do all the work, no employees) that makes over 100K a year, basic newlywed with a wife who is a teacher with her dream job, and I regret never joining the military when I had the chance 8 years prior.

    The things that might keep me out is a knee surgery (which was waived when I first went through MEPS) and I had eye surgery to correct my vision (PRK not LASIK). I was enlisted to go in as a PSYOP but scored a 63 on my DLAB instead of the needed 65 (ASVAB=99, but would probably be higher now). My recruiter wanted to put me into infantry so I dropped and went back to college.

    Now, I have a degree in geology. I am in better shape than I ever have been at age 27. I weighed 135lbs soaking wet at 5'9" and now weigh in around 180lbs from working out, eating correctly, and basically changing my life around. I run at least a mile every day, work in the gym 3 times a week, and teach workout classes for my community.

    I am interested in possible OCS and maybe even infantry/armor/etc. I know I do not want to be a desk jockey or fuel pumper. I would like to stay close to my home in southeast Kansas for my family and job. As much as I wish I would have been full-time military, I'm not sure it is the wisest of choices for me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: How can I make it work?

    Sounds like you're a very capable person, and the Army could definitely use you. That said, any commission will come with a hefty time commitment; the officers in my unit work a lot more than one weekend per month.


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      Re: How can I make it work?

      Well, I agree with the Specialist, it sounds like you are motivated, career driven, physically fit, intelligent and patriotic. It is admirable that your desire to potentially lead soldiers has little to do with the income or beneifts. You seem to be driven because you have the innate desire to serve. That's a fantastic foundation, and one that I know I, and many others on this forum would applaud. It is still a very weighty commitment, and one you should not enter into lightly. Contact your local Guard recruiter for your area in Kansas and discuss enlisting as an 09S (Officer Candidate). There are numerous posts on this forum regarding that, as well as several 09S who are regular contributors to the forum. Your first stop is an enlisted recruiter and a follow up to the Kansas ARNG Officer Strength Manager. If you can't find that contact information, mention it on the forum and we can forward it to you.