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Hello NG. Some general questions..

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  • Hello NG. Some general questions..

    I'm a 20/m/CA looking into a future career in the Guard and I've got a few questions.

    -If I was paying rent for my housing, will my rent be covered while I'm out in Basic? Or will I have to arrange with the owner a XX week leave?

    -If I commit 8-years, what are the benefits/cons? Will I be eligible to deploy, if NG even deploys? (I feel like there is a specific link on this question. Don't bash me if there is. )

    -I have no military background or experience, and I am a drop out. Will I need to get my diploma/GED?

    -I have very extreme libertarian views.. But I'd like to fit in to society and become a truly respectable figure. Will I be forced to aid in something I believe is morally unjust?

    I appreciate it if you took the time to read and answer these questions. I realize I can talk to a recruiter, but I don't want to feel rushed into any decision that I'm not ready to make.

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    Re: Hello NG. Some general questions..


    Take my advice with a grain of salt, I'm enlisted but I don't ship to BCT until August. As far as rent is concerned, you can get extra pay for it as long as you have a real contract. Meaning you don't pay you parents a fee to live in their basement or a friend or something. Look it up in other threads. You will have to get a ged before you join. As a Guard soldier you will be eligible to deploy. As far as when and where, I couldn't tell you. I'll be going to Kosovo sometime with my unit after AIT. I'm a liberal person and I have found nothing yet in the Guard culture that offends me. The truth about soldiers is that are people who have personalities and differing political views. Ask your self this, is it morally unjust to protect yourself and the people around you? Any soldier I have ever personally known is not a murderer. They never fired upon another human being unless not doing so would result in their death or the death of those they swore to defend. It is a great personal sacrifice and I have the utmost respect for anyone who has ever had to engage another human being to defend others. Don't forget, cops occasionally have to engage the bad guys to protect themselves and society. Soldiers are no different. And please don't think that soldiers are violent people who thrive for war. Talk to a recruiter, find a soldier who hasn't had a dishonorable discharge and ask them about military life and the kind of people they served with. They will most likely have a lot of good to say that can ease your mind on the morality of a soldier.