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Financial aid assistance for college?

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  • Financial aid assistance for college?

    I am in the process of joining the National Guard and I have a few questions about their educational benefits and how to obtain them. I'm 22 and I live in Texas and already have 75 credit hours at the University of Texas. I want to join the guard to help pay for school and serve. My questions are, how do you get the "kicker"? After basic and AIT would I be considered an independent for fasfa? Im aware of the hazelwood act in Texas but i have to be a veteran to get it or served 181 days active duty, would that be considered my time in basic or AIT? Are there any other tuition assistance programs out there? thank you!

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    Re: Financial aid assistance for college?

    Hey I just joined guard for pretty much the same reason as you, though I have not started school yet

    Here is what I have figured out, firstly the "100% tuition" is a little misleading, it's 100% tuition up to $4,500 a year. As far as the kicker, that is a benefit that certain jobs have. I was going in as 35M but it didn't have the kicker and I wouldn't be done before school started, so I changed to 88M which had the kicker and training ended right as school started.

    I haven't re-done my FAFSA yet, but as far as I can tell, once you sign you are considered independent.

    As far as how long you have to be in for GI bill, in guard you get it right after you finish training, just be sure it is in your contract!


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      Re: Financial aid assistance for college?

      Originally posted by DreadPirateRoberts View Post

      .......just be sure it is in your contract!
      BEFORE you sign it.