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Active Duty Air Force to National Guard.....

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  • Active Duty Air Force to National Guard.....

    I'll try to avoid getting into a self descriptive monologue, but here's the run down:

    1) Active Duty AF E-5 with 11 years (next month)
    2) Currently seeking humanitarian assignment
    3) Need to remain in humanitarian assignment area (other reasons) at the conclusion of the humanitarian situation.
    4) 3 years, 3 weeks (give or take) left on current enlistment contract)

    Based on the above (#3 particularly), active duty service in any branch no longer appears to be an appropriate option for me. I'm looking at either letting my contract expire or requesting early release and transition to the National Guard (Army or Air). My Guard needs are quite simple, and few in number:

    1) Live in a specific area
    2) Not have a job necessitating cleaning bed pans or something to that effect.
    3) Full time Guard would be nice

    Other than that, I couldn't care less if I was an MP, changing the oil on a general officer's car, or repairing M9's in an armory. Since active duty is all I know, the most important question I have is:

    1) If I go green, would I have to go to basic training all over again? If so, do I lose my rank? (I know it's not just a matter of "here's your army uniform, have a nice day"). I would prefer to avoid being an E-3 (again) with nearly 11 years active duty.

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    Re: Active Duty Air Force to National Guard.....

    To answer your last question. Unless the following applies to you, you would have to go through Army BT.

    Army Directive 2011-02 (Initial Entry Training for Prior Service Personnel)

    4. Prior service personnel entering the Reserve Components (RC) (Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve) will go straight to their RC unit regardless of the length of their break in service if they:

    Completed Army or Marine Corps basic training, or Completed training for Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces, or Air Force Security Police.


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      Re: Active Duty Air Force to National Guard.....

      When it comes to maintaining rank:

      Prior service personnel are not automatically guaranteed to enter at the same rank they held when they were discharged. Most E-1 through E-4 Soldiers are accepted back at the rank they held previously—but again, it is not guaranteed. E-5s and above have to be approved by the Unit Commander/State MILPO.