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just diagnosed with depression

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  • just diagnosed with depression


    I've been in the guard now a little over 2 years(no deployments), anyways I've been feeling really depressed for almost a year and just recently sought help, the psychiatrist officially diagnosed me as depressed and gave me a prescription. i know that I will have to inform my unit about this, my question is this grounds to be discharged? and what usually happens in situations like this?


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    Re: just diagnosed with depression

    Since you are anonymous, do you mind sharing what type of depression and what medication they gave you?

    From PERSONAL experience, I did not have to turn any of my paperwork (appointments or medication) to my unit. I recommend sharing what you are comfortable with to your HR Admin so they can let your 1SG and CO know, but that's it. If you 1SG and CO want your paperwork, ask your Doc what they are limited to see. Don't take this as a 100% correct answer, but I THINK if your Company Commander wants to know everything, he can. Your 1SG is limited, I believe.

    But, personally, they just wanted to make sure I made my appointments and took my medication. Other than that, no one wants to discharge a soldier (2 years, no deployments or 20 years and 5 deployments) just because they are having a rough time.

    Keep your chin up man and I really hope your Chain of Command does not fail you.


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      Re: just diagnosed with depression

      Just a heads up, you can get free counseling from military one source. I have sent a few soldiers that way and they have been helped.


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        Re: just diagnosed with depression

        You're eventually going to have to tell the NG about your depression or lie about it. I'd recommend you tell them about it as what happens if you deploy and your condition worsens or you no longer have access to your medication. If you were being treated in a military clinic, the commander would have full access to your records.

        The medical process is long and complex, so you're not just discharged.


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          Re: just diagnosed with depression

          The Dr. decided to start me on Xanax(an anti-anxiety med.) to see how it helps.