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Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

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  • Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

    How the heck do you get awarded points for correspondence courses for the promotion board? Or to be more specific, how do you prove you should be awarded those points?

    I know how they are awarded, with every 5 credit hours=1 point. On the 4100 the maximum awared is 75. I registered for the courses through ATTRS, completed them in ALMS and then ATTRS reflected a complete status. On my ATTRS unoffical transcripts it shows the courses that are completed and the amount of hours. Here is the best part, when you print off the certificate of completion on ALMS it DOES NOT list the amount of hours associated with that course. This makes the certificate of completion worthless in the eyes of the promotion board. All I have for proof is the unofficial ATTRS transcript.

    So, I brought this to my RNCO so we can put it on my 4100. He asks for certificates of completion that list the hours. I can't figure out how to get them, or if they even exist! So he takes the transcripts and the certificates of completion that don't have any hours to battalion S-1 who then says we don't know. He then goes to MACOM who then says we don't know. It seems nobody is sure how to make sure that points are awarded for promotion! By the sound of the conversation I'm the only one this year or even recently that has CC's for the promotion board!

    I had my unofficial transcripts scanned into iPerms and then annotated it on my 4100, maxing out with 75 points. So I'm either getting 75 or 0 points lol!

    The worst part, when the board results come out only those who made the promotion line have their TOTAL points displayed, those who don't make the line don't have any points displayed at all. There is no point breakdown and you CAN NOT get one even if you request it from the board, a total only. So I will have no way of knowing if I was ever awarded points for CC, or ANYTHING for that matter. I won't know if what I did was right or wrong. Its blowing my mind right now.

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    Re: Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

    SGT, I heard subcourses were no longer allowed but you have to complete the whole course for credit.

    Question: Will Soldiers lose those sub-course points? Or are they "grand-fathered"?

    Answer: Sub-courses will not be grand-fathered. Soldiers must have record of a completed full course. Sub-courses are only part
    of a full course.

    I thought there were going to link the systems that after you complete a full course; it will automatically populate to your ERB.

    Question: Is full ACCP course completion required to count as points? I'm being told that ACCP credit hours will only count towards
    promotion if a SM has completed the full course. Is this true?

    Answer: Yes. Effective with 1 June 2011 promotions, Soldiers receive promotion points for full ACCP course completion only.
    Courses completed after 22 December 2010 will be added to the Soldiers ERB via ATRRS. Courses completed prior to 22
    December 2010 should be added to the Soldiers ERB by the BDE/BN S1 or MPD based on a certificate of completion.
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      Re: Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

      Yes, and in my case I finished all the subcourses within a course and thus completing the entire course. For example I completed the Combat Engineer Basic Refresher Course worth 113 credit hours. The course contained a dozen subcourses varying in credit hour length. Once I finished all the subcourses then it was reflected in ATTRS as being completed and worth 113 credit hours. The only proof I have of this though is in ATTRS. I'm wondering if this will be sufficient for the board.


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        Re: Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

        Got it. As you probably already know, on active duty, after a soldier becomes promotable then he is able to check his ERB when points are updated. I do not know how the new system works for uploading docs and in the NG as well.

        I guess you have them all printed out and attached to your promotion packed and hope they get added.

        Good luck.


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          Re: Getting awarded points for CC on 4100

          To say that it's a whacky process does not do it justice!

          I was in the same boat as you SGT J. I had to print the unofficial transcript from ATRRS, the course listing from ACCP (showing hours and the list of sub-courses), as well as the certificates of completion themselves.

          My understanding of the process (I'm in my hooch at the moment - don't have the AR or ACCP print out at hand) is 1pt = 5 hours PLUS a 5 point bonus for the completion of the course. I'd print all of that mess and hand carry it to your 1SG for his blessing, then to the S1 for submittal into SIDPERS and IPERMS.

          Once I find the AR, I'll cut and paste the applicable paragraph.