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BfSB and LRS.....what's the difference?????

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  • BfSB and LRS.....what's the difference?????

    First off no disrespect to members in either of these units because from posts that ive seen, it seems like LRS guys are very proud of being a part of this type of unit.

    Reason I'm asking is because my recruiter said that the unit I wanted to get in wasn't accepting anyone at the moment but I had the option to go to go to a unit in San Marcos or San Antonio. Big difference in drive time but I looked anyway and found a bfsb unit which seemed like its basically an LRS type of unit.

    LRS always interested me but since it doesn't seem like an option right now I was wondering if the training, mission, and school options are pretty similar to each other. Just curious if anyone has any insight on the two. Thanks

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    Re: BfSB and LRS.....what's the difference?????

    First off you will need to understand unit structure, then you will understand that a LRS (Long Range Surveillance Company (LRSC or LRSU)) unit falls within the BfSB structure. So if you are in a LRS unit, you belong to that particular BfSB. That said, there are a wide array of jobs (different MOS's) in the BfSB (Battlefield Surveillance Brigade) that span from admin to intelligence to Combat Arms.

    A brigade is a fairly large unit with a large number of people, so it may be best to contact the unit, or its recruiting representative, to understand the number of units that are part of the BfSB you are looking at joining, and the MOS's that are available to you withing each respective type of unit and particular job function..

    As to LRS, if you choose that route, make sure you are committed to meeting and exceeding the standards of this unit - in my opinion LRS soldiers are some of the best trained you will find in the conventional forces - and none of that training is easy mentally, intellectually, or physically. A demanding job that is equally rewarding and something to truely be proud to be part of.
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