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Has the National Guard seen its role in the Middle East?

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  • Has the National Guard seen its role in the Middle East?

    What is everyone's opinion on the the role of the Guard in, for example Afghanistan, the Middle East? Due to the withdrawl in Iraq all those Active Duty soldiers are now deployable to Afghanistan. So with the ending of a 2-ground war, do you think that the Guard's role now will return to it humanitarian state role? Of course this passed decade the Guard has proven themselves when they were called however everyone has their time. Do you think the Guard will return to it's "weekend warrior" role? Again part-time is part time. I would think that AD would get priority over Guard. Especially since the Army itself would want to eat the money up instead of letting the Guard receive the money. That is understandable and pretty much the case in my opinion...

    What is your opinions? Do you guys want to return to the weekend warrior role? Or did you enjoy the life of an Active Duty soldier?

    *Just an opinion based question so do not take any of this to heart for some reason. And I am just asking a question so no need for judgement."