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Info on units near Austin, TX

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  • Info on units near Austin, TX

    Heres the info:

    I first enlisted in the Army reserves, and have decided to join the Guard instead of reenlisting in the reserves. I've started the process on Path to Honor, and have been more miss than hit with the recruiter but, I've heard nothing but good things about the units in the area.

    My questions are about units for 11B as this is what I will hopefully reclass to. Does anyone have any info or suggestions as which unit would be one to seek out and correct me if im wrong but do you get to select the unit as long as they have a slot that can be filled by your available rank-MOS or are you just able to pick any particular unit with the mos? Also I've wanted to try for one of the Airborne units if possible and was wondering if you have to interview - tryout since they'll spend the xtra to send you to airborne school. Last question is about mos reclass, in anyones personal experience were you sent to Benning or to a NG run mos school to become mos q?

    I know its a lot but any info will be appreciated, cause like I said its been difficult to get in touch with the recruiter to get these answered.


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    Re: Info on units near Austin, TX

    Check out the 1-143 INF at Camp Mabry. They are the only Airborne unit in the Guard. They are requiring all of their NCO's and Junior officers to have their airborne tab. If you don't have it they WILL send you to school to get it.


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      Re: Info on units near Austin, TX

      There is no such thing as an airborne "tab". There are airborne wings though.

      The word "Airborne" commonly seen above some soldiers' unit patches is part of the unit patch. It has absolutly nothing to do with attending airborne school, or being on jump status. If you are assigned to the unit, your patch will say "Airborne".
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        Re: Info on units near Austin, TX

        Yeh, I heard about the 1-143 but might not be able to join because I think they're overstrengthed for my rank. I'm going to keep trying tho, because I'd love to get my wings.