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Warrant Officer or Officer, Options in Washington State

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  • Warrant Officer or Officer, Options in Washington State

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great valentines day! So, I am going to be undergoing an Associate in Technical Arts-Computer Information Systems program. During the course of it, and by the time I complete it, I'll be sitting/have sat at/have acquired my: A+, Net+, Sec+, CNA, CCSP, CCNP, CSSP, as well as several GIAC and SCNS and SCNA exams.

    The majority of focus for the ATA program is largely Computer Information and Network Security. When I transfer for my Bachelors in Computer Information systems, the primary emphasis will be on Computer Network Engineering. With a large background in internet security.

    Upon completion of my Bachelors after the ATA, I will be able to sit down for the CCIE-Security, CCIE-Routing and Switching, and CCIE-Wireless, Cisco ASA Specialist, Cisco Firewall Security Specialist, Cisco IOS Security Specialist,Cisco IPS Specialist

    If I get into the Computer Information Systems Honors Program, I will be able to leave with a Bachelors in computer information systems with a double minor, one in Computer Forensics, and the other in Software Engineering.

    After the ATA is when I plan to Enlist, and then use NG benefits to cover some costs for college.

    About half-way through the ATA program I should have (after a year of the ATA) my A+, Net+, and Linux+.

    If I may ask, how different is a 255A, to a 255N, and how different are they to Signal Corps Officers?

    From my understanding speaking with a few Soldiers already via other media, I have discovered Signal Corps Officers aren't very hands-on and are more managerial, rather than operational, and Warrant Officers are more operational, than managerial.

    I have narrowed jobs down to 25B, and 25N Enlisted side to transfer over to Warrant Officer side, but I'm contemplating Officer Route as well.

    I know the unit assignment priorities (one or nothing)

    1. State HQ DOIM
    2. Signal Company
    3. Brigade Signal Section
    4. Battalion Signal Section

    With priority assignment in the above order.

    So, in total, the questions I have are:
    1. Where is the State HQ DOIM in WA located?
    2. Where are the Signal Company's located?
    3. Where would I find a Brigade Signal Section?
    4. Where can I find a Battalion Signal Section?
    6. What is the real difference between 255N, and 255A?
    7. What is the difference between 24, 53, 26 series Signal Officers, and how does career progression and unit limitations work? (I understand they are "cream of the crop' in Signal Corps and have limited slots, and limited promotions, just curious as to how limited they really are for my State) 24 WAN, 53 LAN, and 26 is IS. 26 is what I'm looking at most.

    I understand I have to do 25 and wait until I am no longer a "Butter Bar" to become a 24,53, or 26.

    And then other questions.

    8. How different is 25B from 25N, and how do they differ when actually in use? Talking to a friend who is a Infantryman, he is trained on Mortars but he's used a lot to run patrols with the regular Infantryman. Is the Enlisted side of the Army Signal Corps MOS immaterial? (is that the correct phrasing?).

    Any information would be helpful. I've talked to a few Soldiers, and Officers, but just looking for a more rounded set of answers. (more sources, the more clearer the picture) None of this information is classified, or top secret or operation security violation or anything. I talked with an Senior Officer based in Ft. Lewis if anything I've presented in this questionaire would get anyone in trouble for answering. He said he sees no harm in any of it. And had them double checked before hand.

    When I have my answers I'll be phoning my local recruiter/college counsellor to figure things out and work things out. Already onboard with my local university which I'll be transfering too for their Bachelors program. It's two years down the road, but I'll be letting them know whether or not I'll be doing ROTC-Guard Option and contract for 25 or not, or go Enlisted route as 25N/B and go WO route.

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    Re: Warrant Officer or Officer, Options in Washington State

    Just about anything to do with the jobs you are wanting are done by full time staff and not Soldiers who just drill on weekends.


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      Re: Warrant Officer or Officer, Options in Washington State

      Originally posted by RedLeg View Post
      Just about anything to do with the jobs you are wanting are done by full time staff and not Soldiers who just drill on weekends.
      The OP should try looking into states that have a sizable Signal presence. I know Delaware has an entire Signal Brigade. Obviously, if you're not anywhere reasonably close to Delaware, it won't be as helpful.

      *EDIT* Just glanced at title of thread and WA is definitely nowhere near Delaware.

      The OP has some very good questions. I think he might find better answers in the Signal Branch sub-forum on ArmyOCS.


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        Re: Warrant Officer or Officer, Options in Washington State

        RedLeg, on the contrary, the only work I expect to do while on Drill Status is sit around, deal with briefings and DBPP, then PT tests, the occasional shooting range to qualify, and that's pretty much it. My expectations while on drilling status, are little to none. Father was National Guard, several friends are Army Reserve, I already know I'll be pretty much cleaning garbage cans and doing other pointless tasks due to big Army's suicide briefings, EEO briefings, and all that other junk they want to shove into Drill Weekends. So I pretty much don't expect to be doing the job I'll be doing civilian side while on Drill Status on Drill Weekends, or AT for that matter if what I've been hearing is correct. It's when on Deployments is what I care about.

        That said, I'm aware there are AGR slots for the stuff I plan to do, which I've already checked DoD criteria to take said jobs, which by the time I finish my Associates, and have my certs, I will far exceed requirements for entry level positions. When I acquire my Bachelors, I will far exceed requirements. etc

        But most likely I'll be working civilian side in my degree program. I just care about which position would be more involved when deployed. Either way I'll be Enlisting, but it's whether or not I'll go Officer or WO is the debate. I'll be going one or the other. Because a couple 25Bs I've gotten an opportunity to talk to on another forum stated anything beyond A+ and Net+ exceeds a 25B's abilities and what they are allowed to do, and anything above that is all WO and O level. Mainly WO path, or Officers Captain and Above.