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  • A Few Questions...

    A little bit about me: I'm 21, female, married, and I have a son who is 2 years old. My husband was in the Marines and wanted to make a career of it; however, other things came up and he left after 4 years. My father retired Navy, and I'm pretty sure both my grandfathers served in the Army (WWII vets). I'm not TOO clueless about the military but I am VERY interested in the military altogether.

    My problem is... I need to lose weight, and I'm a horrible runner (I always was the one in gym class back in high school that would rather walk). How do you get yourself motivated to run? I used to be able to do 60 sit ups in high school with no problem but now since having a kid and being out of high school I seem to have let myself go, I guess you can say. I was never athletic. Running and push-ups are my weakness.

    Last year, I talked to a Navy recruiter; he said he'd call me in a week or two to see how I was doing and dicuss things... well, he never called back and eventually I gave up on the idea of joining the Navy. When I think about joining the military, I get butterflies and goosebumps because I think it's something I NEED to do. Not just a "I want to" but more of a "I need to do it!" I see the Marine and Navy commercials on TV and it gets me motivated. I had lost a total of 20lbs and was VERY close to the Navy requirements - I needed to lose about 5-10lbs more.

    My biggest fear is of being away from family... but I was told that the Army/National Guard gets to do a little more than the Navy and Marines when it comes to keeping in touch with family? Not sure if that's true or not. I've heard things about on Sundays they can use cell phones or write or whatever...
    Also, what are the differences between Army and National Guard? I was told that they both can deploy? And I was told that with joining the National Guard I would be able to stay in my hometown after boot camp? And with every military branch payday is the 1st and 15th, correct? After boot camp, since I am married, would my family be able to come stay with me when I went on to my AIT (I think is what it's called)?

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    Re: A Few Questions...

    Running; 99% of the military hates it. Just push through it and move on; it'll be over eventually. What do you mean by the Army/NG gets to do a little more?

    Army is you work on base, live on base, work M-F, get paid full time for full time work. NG is you work 1 weekend a month, and a 2 weeks AT a year, only paid for that one weekend/AT. Yes, with the NG you get to go back home after BCT & AIT.