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Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

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  • Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

    First of all I wanted to say thank you to those who responded in my first thread. I have been doing more reading and talking to recruiters to decide what is best for me however, I am a little unclear on some things. After this semester I have 2 years left of college and ultimately want to serve AD in the Army and go to OCS and Airborne, maybe Ranger or Sapper after that. I was hoping to join the Guard while in school to add some time towards my 20 years and knock out BCT and AIT before graduating college as well as getting some money towards tuition. Here are my questions:

    -My recruiter says I can do the 6x2 and get 100% Tuition as well as G.I. Bill and get released after school but I am concerned after reading other people's stories that my Company Commander may never sign off on it.

    -Was thinking 3x5 may be better that way I can switch to AD while on IRR, is it easier to switch to AD while on IRR rather than drilling status?

    -Do I still get the 100% tuition assistance under the 3x5 just not the G.I. Bill benefits?

    -Should I justwait until after college to enlist AD and avoid red tape?

    Thank you in advance, I have tried to find answers to these but get mixed stories. Ultimately what I'm most concerned about is signing up for the Guard under 6x2 like my Recruiter advices and then never being released with a 368 to AD. He said it will take a year to go through but I feel this may just be a ploy to get me in the Guard.

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    Re: Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

    Due to a massive drawndown within AD, you might have a heck of a time transferring into AD anyways.


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      Re: Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

      Thank you for your response, is this true even if I went the 3x5 option instead? Say I drilled for the 3 years and then opted for a release to enlist AD while on IRR in the Guard?


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        Re: Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

        Chris38 is right

        I went from NG to AD when the Iraq War started and now it will be real hard to make that transfer. The reason is that once you are in the Guard, you will be categorized under prior service recruiting and they will have stricter standards than people who go AD from the back. Right now; if you have a speciality or super under-strength MOS; they are only offering prior service 18X (special forces) contracts.

        If AD is your true aspirations then I would wait. If you are feening for tuition assistance money and want to take that chance of not being release from your unit until your contract is up or waiting longer than you expected to get AD; then shoot for NG or possibly Army Reserves.


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          Re: Couple Questions Concerning my Military Aspirations

          I will echo what has been said so you make sure you hear it. Since there is such a huge drawdown if you are considered prior service, you are stuck. However, if you still want to do all those things you mentioned, you need to talk to your recruiter about ROTC and the SMP program. You will even get more benefits then what you listed, plus you can enter Active Duty as an officer after school if you go that route.